Sunday, June 22, 2008

It has been awhile

I remembered that I created a blog that no one ever looks at so I thought that I would post on it so that no one would ever read and I could say that I have a blog. We had our second son on May 28, 2008, 11:15 am Pacific. We named him Nathan Jordan Estes. He weighed eight pounds and four ounces and was twenty and a half inches long. It is so much harder to have two children than just one. My wife is a champ. She deals so well with these two and I lover her for it. Other than that I am looking for more work this summer and it has not been a great experience. My oldest son, William is not behaving to the best of his ability and it is starting to be trying. But all in all things are great and I am still hanging in there. Now only if the Dodgers would start gaining ground on the Dbacks, life would somehow seem more complete.

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merrilykaroly said...

Well, are you ever going to post again??

Adele (Hermana Blackham)