Friday, March 14, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So today my boss was a bit late to work and she had my assignments for the day and threfore, I had nothing of substance to do. What does a person do during those moments? Mind you that I do not work at the DMV nor is it a big private company with little oversight. I have one boss and that is it. So ehat am I to do? I decided that the best thing to do is to begin learning more about the area of Corporate Law. No not the punctilio rule (J Cardozo in a case about Joint Venturers) but the nuts and bolts. It was good and then the biss comes in and we prep for our 10:00am. At 9:50am, the printer goes down (ran out of toner). We were not just prnitng out a two page document, we were printing out a couples' Estate Plan. Yeah hundreds of pages of boilerpplate nothings followed by signature lines. We decide it was best to send the document to the receptionist (Mind you that this is not a typical office, I work in an executive suite, and the office is one room about 200 sq ft.) via email and have them print it off and then we will more copies off of the community copier. Well this process is not fun because the copier itself ran out of paper and instead of having a little symbol that said to the effect that it was out of paper, there was some stupid hyrogliphic looking red thing blinking at me. Then when I figured out that it was out of paper, I discovered that I did not have access to the paper to refill it. Mean time the clients are waiting in the community conference room (hereinafter everything in the office is community except for the small suite so assume community unless otherwise noted) and we were suppose to have these redy by now. To make things more interesting, the copier was inthe mail room, and although there was a table to sort everything out and staple and hole punch the appropriate docs, there were constantly people coming in and out of the room putting the coffee down right in between the different piles. But is soon got better. After all of the running up and down the hall, I was able to meet with a great couple and witness along with the attorney and a Notary, this husband and wife sign documents that will give them piece of mind that if something were to happen to them, their loved ones were taken careof. That and the conference room window overlooks the Newport harbor, and if I were to jump throught the window I would land on a yacht (in other words the view is hard to beat). I finally was able to get off of work but because we are White Trash poor, we only have one vehicle and so I had to rush home to pick up Celeste to go to her flute lesson that she had to reschedule because of work. During the lesson Chilly (our son William has a nickname and it is Chilly) and I walked around Belle Terra looking at all the things we cannot afford and not wishing for much of it. That was fun. Then I had to rush home to rush off again to come onto campus to sit here and do nothing for two hours in the hope that a contracts student would have questions on a Friday at 2pm before spring break. Crazy. This is not even half of it, tonight we are going to go eat with my Brother and his family at Downtown Disney and I am going to miss most of the USC UCLA semifinals match up in the Pac 10 conference tournament. But life is good and we will not mention being at the hospital until two in the morning with a son who had a fever that dang near reached 104. I have had a great spring break so far.


ldsrabbi said...

You are crazy to think that anyone would want to view your blog.

Celeste Estes said...

I didn't know that day was so long for you. I love you, and I hope life isn't always that dull for you. See you soon...XOXO